Speaking about Interfaces at FITC

I’ll brought my FutureType talk (Using the History of Typography to Inform the Future of UI) to the FITC Conference 2017 in Toronto.

With the rising popularity of immersive media, design thinkers need to rethink UI standards around a new modality. As communication becomes more gestural, conversational, and less typographic, we will need to ensure it does not become abstract. In a world threatened by fake news, ensuring a future of clear, nuanced, and truthful communication will be incredibly important.

This talk unpacks a condensed history of typography and justifies why said history can be used as a jumping off point for designing the future of user interfaces. We will discuss how to reconsider typographic history—and the nuances of phonetic letterforms—when inventing new user interfaces for a future of modular, invisible, and alternate reality devices.


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