NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism: VR Installation

NeuroSpeculative AfroFeminism aims to imagine technology designed around the needs of women of color. An installation in three parts, NSAF is one part neuroscience research, one part product line, and one part immersive VR experience (in which the user enters a NeuroCosmetology Lab and receives a set of transcranial extensions designed to optimize the brain).

Hyphen Labs tapped me to design, develop and build their speculative privacy-driven earring. The RubyCam is now a real-life wearable-surveillance tool that protects its wearer from social aggressions via discreet audio/video capture. The jewelry set includes one hollowed earring containing a camera, mic, PCB, rechargeable battery, removable memory and port to transfer footage via USB.

I later created hologram animations for the VR experience and helped build the Sundance New Frontier installation.

Role: Creative Technologist
Tasks: product design, hardware development, VR hologram animation, fabrication

NSAF Press:
The Verge | Huffington Post | Wired | TechCrunch | The New Yorker

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