FAKETYPE: Tribeca Film Festival VR Installation

FAKETYPE is an immersive typography-in-VR exploration by Fake Love; presented at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Interactive Playground. A customizable new typeface handcrafted for both virtual and print spaces. FAKETYPE is graphic virtual reality journey where users manipulate custom, three-dimensional, tactile, animated letter forms in an entirely new context.

Users create their own dynamic message with controls for parameters such as size, type alternates, color and texture. Then, export their type creation to a hi-res digital poster that can be explored, via Oculus, in 3D space. Formative and material decisions were approached by combining digital design methods with the sculptural aspects of historic type development  (Greek-Roman stone work, hot metal typesetting, etc).

Role: Senior Experiential Art Director
Tasks: typeface design, art direction, 3D asset development, Unity texture and materials design

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