VR29: Refinery29’s WebVR Viewer

VR29 is a stylized, proprietary WebVR screening room for Refinery29, a women-focused digital-media company with a global audience of over 500 million. The room features a selection of 360 video content and a light-weight onboarding process. It was built using A-Frame and designed in a mixture of Cinema4D, Unity and Photoshop. Key challenge was translating the strong, aesthetically-driven Refinery29 brand into an entirely new forum; to build a beautiful space within the performance restrictions of poly counts and video storage in WebVR. All while creating an experience simple enough for majority first-time VR users.

Role: Senior Design Technologist
Tasks: User experience (in-game and onboarding), user testing, interactive prototypes, art direction, 3D object optimization, and building and finessing final room layout in JavaScript.

Try it at Refinery29.com/VR29

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